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What to Wear for Your Professional Headshot

Are you considering getting a professional headshot done? Congratulations! I know it's a little nerve-wracking but also exciting.

One of the first things I hear from people calling me is what should they wear? It's not only a common question but also a very good one.

The answer is not the same for everyone.

My suggestion is to start with thinking of your industry. Next think of a formal business situation you could be in for that industry. If you're looking for a new job it would be an interview. If you are looking for a promotion it would be what those who are at the level you are seeking wear. And if you are looking to gain more customers, what would you wear if you were to call on your most important client?

If you own a business, that can be an entirely different situation. Do you need a portrait to stand out among your business-owning peers? Or to court investors? Or to reach out to customers? Would you want something different on your website than what you'd want to show on LinkedIn?

For my customers who are male, it's almost always a suit jacket. We experiment with portraits with and without a tie. Jackets were designed to make men look great with broad shoulders and a nice jacket will have far less wrinkles than a dress shirt alone.

A jacket makes sense for many women too but blouses make a great choice as well depending upon the goals. I also suggest that most women wear something with a v-neck to elongate the neck.

During my phone consultation, I ask several questions to help guide people to a decision they feel good about, suggestions on where they can go shopping, and I provide a lengthy list of tips and suggestions for them to consider.

Your headshot matters. It could be your most visible portrait if you use it on social media, email signatures, websites, business cards, speaking flyers, brochures, and more. Make it one you would be proud to use!

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