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Let Your Team Shine

I just love how this portrait displays the beauty, brains, and brightness of this Tri Counties Bank team in Brentwood, CA.

We met early in the morning before they opened their branch. The light was perfect (not to mention we avoided the daytime heat) , while my professional lights added a matching brightness to their faces and bodies. We had to hold off the crew that came to take down the tree on the far right of the image. That tree was also missing most of its fronds (but some photoshop magic took care of that). To get the entirety of the image to fit, without unflattering distortion, these are several photographs stitched together.

If your team could use a group portrait for marketing (especially for magazines), give us a call. Your portraits will benefit from a session that is planned out in advance and not rushed. And I provide extensive editing, far more than staff photographer of magazines. When it matters and you want to look your best, contact us!

(916) 294-7926


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