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Sacramento Digitally Compiled Group Portraits

My digitally compiled group portraits are popular. Why?

  • Happy team members: everyone has their favorite portrait of themselves included in the group portrait.

    • I photograph each person individually, they choose their favorite image, and then I retouch to their preference. We all know how hard it is to get everyone looking perfect in a group portrait at the same time; problem solved!

  • Save time and money:

    • The individual portraits also double as their headshots

    • When a team member leaves I remove them, rearrange the portrait, and send you a new portrait.

    • If someone new joins your team, I photograph just them, rearrange the portrait to add them, and send you a new portrait

    • No need to organize everyone to get together again for a group photo

  • Versatility: We can add different backgrounds to suit your needs. That can be a studio backdrop, a stock image, or a custom photo that I take for you.


Headshots and group portrait of a realtor team in the sacramento area

Here's another example with Morgan Stanely in Folsom. I took their individual portraits in their conference room with a studio backdrop. And I took a photo of their lobby separately. Then all of these portraits were compiled together in Photoshop.

Headshots of financial advisors in folsom, CA sacramento

Here's another example of financial advisors:

Headshots and group portraits that are digitally compiled of financial advisors in roseville sacramento

And another example of an attorney firm in Sacramento:

Looking for business portraits for your team and a digitally compiled group portrait? Go here:


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