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Getting Your Company to Approve New Headshots

If you're reading this, likely you are the marketing director for your office. And you already know how beneficial it would be to get the team new headshots. But you're struggling with how to convince management to approve the expenditure.

Here are some of the arguments and tactics I've given marketing managers that have helped them get the approval they needed.

1. Giving everyone an updated and consistent headshot makes our team look like a team. It's also beneficial to see the consistency on LinkedIn when a prospect is checking your team there. (see my previous blog here about the importance of a consistent looking team on LinkedIn).

2. So much business is done online (and even more so in the days of COVID-19), having an updated headshot portrait is helpful in bridging an emotional connection.

3. New headshots of the team is a great excuse to send out a marketing piece giving clients and prospects an update on your company and stay top-of-mind.

4. You can amortize the value of new headshots across multiple marketing tactics like email newsletters, social media, speaking flyers, powerpoint presentations, staff spotlights, advertisements, proposals, and email signatures.

5. When your team members update their profile picture on social media, that too may increase traffic to your website.

6. Getting a great portrait of yourself boosts self confidence. In turn your team may be more enthusiastic about putting themselves out there to get more business.

7. New headshots are a way to not only help the company but are also an opportunity to present them as a benefit to your team members.

Collectively these arguments can be a winning one when you combine it with your own enthusiasm for it. Anything else you would add?

Good luck and let me know if you need any help!

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