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Where to get a Professional Business Headshot in the Sacramento Area

In the Sacramento area, there are several options for getting a professional business headshot. Here are a few places you can consider:

Photography Studios: There are numerous photography studios in Sacramento that specialize in portrait photography, including headshots. Do a search online for Sacramento Professional Headshots. Add in "professional" or "business" in your search will weed out photographers that offer acting headshots.

A headshot studio in El Dorado Hills Folsom Sacramento

Freelance Photographers: Many freelance photographers in Sacramento offer professional headshot services. You can search for photographers on websites like Yelp, Google, or specialized photography directories to find professionals who offer headshots.

If quality is important to you, find a photographer that specializes in headshots. Most photographers offer headshots but it's not their key expertise. A photographer that doesn't specialize in it is less likely to understand what a corporate headshot should include. Many photographers have never worked in a corporate environment before. They are less likely to have the best equipment for headshots, have professional backgrounds, and for photographing teams, they are less likely to know how to keep a consistent look amongst each person being photographed and when new employees need to be photographed later. They also don't work on the same quick timeframes, provide a corporate professional retouch, how files should be handled for marketing repositories, and how to work efficiently with your key point person.

Local Networking Groups: Reach out to local networking groups, business associations, or chambers of commerce in the Sacramento area. These organizations often have recommendations for professional photographers or host events where you can get headshots taken.

Corporate Photography Services: Some companies offer on-site headshot services specifically for businesses. They may have packages available for individual headshots or group sessions. Check with local corporate photography services in Sacramento to see if they provide this service.

Corporate headshots of male and female banking executives in Sacramento San Francisco

Local Events: Keep an eye out for business or professional events in Sacramento that offer headshot sessions. Sometimes, these events bring in photographers who provide headshots at a discounted rate or as part of the event package.

When selecting a photographer, consider factors such as their portfolio, experience, pricing, and reviews from previous clients. It's also a good idea to discuss your specific needs and expectations with the photographer beforehand to ensure they can provide the style and look you desire for your business headshot.

With Glynns Thomas Portraits, you know you're in good hands when it comes to professional corporate headshots. We come to you or come to our studio. We handle everything from scheduling your team members, providing them individual private online galleries to choose their favorite portrait, obtaining retouching approvals from everyone, renaming files to best work in your marketing repository, and delivering all the portraits to everyone on your team as well as to your point person. Find out more here:


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