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The Art of Professional Headshot Photographers: Why Human Touch Still Beats AI

In the age of artificial intelligence and advanced photo-editing software, there's a growing debate about whether human touch still holds a place in the world of headshot retouching. While AI tools can certainly offer quick fixes and automated enhancements, and even create a headshot from a few phone snapshots, there's something irreplaceable about the experience, artistry, and meticulous control that a human can bring to the table. In this blog post, we'll explore why being photographed by a professional and their retouching skills remains the superior choice.

1. Personalized Precision

Have you seen the new AI-created headshots? I think they're pretty amazing. But have you tried it on yourself? For me, it just doesn't completely look like me. For one, I'm half Asian and the programs will either make me look 100% caucasian or 100% Asian. There is no middle ground.

But even if you don't have that issue, there is always something out of place or something I wish could be different. This level of personalized precision is nearly impossible to achieve with AI, which often applies generic filters or algorithms that might overlook your distinctive attributes.

As fast as consumer-facing AI programs are advancing, so are the pro-level retouching tools at my disposal. AI-generated headshots and retouching programs remain amateur level compared to what professionals can create for you.

2. Professional Guidance

An experienced headshot photographer will help guide you in posing and expression that will match your industry. I coach individuals to look like capable experts in their industry. This is of great value to individuals and entire teams as well.

At the same time, I see this as an opportunity to offer encouragement and show you how great you look! I'm here to help relax you, make it a little fun, and depict you as your best self. I often hear, "That was fun and easy". It's a great morale booster.

3. Artistic Judgment & Respect for Individuality

Retouching is not just about erasing imperfections; it's about enhancing the essence of the subject. A human retoucher brings an artist's eye to the process. We can make judgment calls on factors like lighting, skin texture, and facial expressions to create an image that conveys the desired mood and personality. AI, on the other hand, lacks this artistic intuition.

The goal is not to create an unrealistic, flawless façade but to bring out the best version of the individual. Human retouchers understand the fine balance between enhancement and over-editing. We retain the character of your face while ensuring you look your professional best. AI can sometimes inadvertently strip away the uniqueness that makes you, well, you.

3. Communication and Collaboration

Collaboration is often key in headshot portraits. When you work with a human photographer, you can communicate your specific preferences and requirements. You can express your vision for the final image both at the session and during the retouching phase, and the photographer can provide recommendations and make adjustments accordingly. This collaborative process is challenging to replicate with AI, which lacks the capacity for personalized communication.

While AI has undoubtedly revolutionized many aspects of photography and image editing, the art of headshot retouching remains a uniquely human skill. The ability to understand individuality, apply artistic judgment, and engage in personalized collaboration sets human retouching apart. It's the intricate attention to detail and the respect for the subject's essence that makes human headshot retouching the preferred choice when you want your professional image to truly shine.

At Glynns Thomas Photography, we pride ourselves on our skilled human retouching, ensuring that your headshots reflect your unique personality and professionalism. To explore the magic of personalized headshot retouching, visit our website:


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