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Testimonial of a Sacramento Headshot Photographer

I love to help my customers feel at ease and bring out their natural smiles.

"... There two qualities that you look for in a photographer, one is tangible and the other is intangible. The tangible qualities are their technical skills ... I am not qualified to comment on Glynns technical skills but I can tell you that the end result is outstanding. Everyone who has seen the pictures, has commented on the high quality. Everyone includes my web designer who I assume has seen the work of many photographers. I am qualified to comment on her intangible qualities, her professional and personal attitude. I had dreaded this photograph as a necessary evil. ... I felt very comfortable during the entire photo session as she helped (me) to understand what to do, when to do it and how to do it. At the end of the session, I could not remember why I had dreaded it so ... Glynns, like most other photographers, has the tangible qualities you want a photographer to have. Glynns, like few other photographers, has the intangible qualities you need a photographer to have." - Maurice Dunn, PhD

My next monthly headshot event is Saturday, March 13.


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