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Professional Compiled Headshots in Sacramento

I'm getting more requests for digitally compiled headshots. There are several good reasons for it.

1) It's hot in the Sacramento area during the summer when outside headshots are not a good option. Photographing people indoors and adding a digital backdrop makes more sense.

2) You want a variety of environmental and studio backgrounds, but don't want a long photoshoot setting up in different locations. It's a one and done photoshoot.

3) Outdoor and interior backgrounds change their looks at different times of the day and year. Digital backgrounds provide consistency.

4) You want all the retouching magic for hair flyaways, slimming faces and smoothing clothing. All that is better achieved when you're photographed on a studio backdrop. Then your portrait can be put onto a digital backdrop.

This gentleman was photographed at my studio. But I had previously been to his office for a photoshoot and captured some of the office space. I was able to edit his portrait and then use actual shots of his office as the background. He had several to choose from.

Looking for digitally compiled headshots for your team? Learn more here:


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