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Navigating the Process: 9 Steps to Get Headshots for Your Team

A headshot set up on location in San Francisco

Picture this: you've been given the responsibility of organizing headshots for your entire team. While the task may seem daunting, it’s a unique opportunity to elevate your value within your company. Headshots done well result not only in a collection of great-looking portraits but also in many happy team members who will thank you for the experience and the professional results.

This guide will walk you through the steps to ensure a seamless and successful headshot experience, without adding too much work to your plate.

1. Set Clear Objectives

Before diving into the logistics, define your goals. Are you aiming to revamp your website, update LinkedIn or internal profiles, send out an announcement, or use in proposals? Knowing your objectives will help shape the style, tone, and overall look of the headshots. Your photographer can then help you identify a headshot look to match and the right digital file types.

What to tell your photographer: if you have a specific date for the photo shoot, if you have a particular look you want, how many people will be photographed and who they are, where you want the photoshoot to be held, if you have specific digital file requirements, and if you have a budget they need to work within.

Pro Tip: You may be tasked with photographing a certain department or group of people. This is a great opportunity to add additional people and departments. There are cost efficiencies when adding on to an existing photography session which will bring down the cost-per-person. Professional headshots are a great way to reward high-performing employees and give thanks to your hard workers.

Glynns Thomas photographer on location in Sacramento at an architect firm

2. Choose the Right Photographer

Selecting a skilled photographer is the cornerstone of exceptional headshots. Look for someone who produces the type of high-quality portraits you want your business to showcase. The quality of your portraits should match the level of quality you provide your customers.

Search online, ask for recommendations, review portfolios, and ensure they have experience with corporate headshots.

Pro Tip: Retouching also affects the quality of your headshot portraits and the satisfaction of your team. Choose a photographer that does detailed custom retouching as opposed to filters

Pro Tip: It's not just about the photos. Find a photographer that you and your team will enjoy working with. You will want someone that can work seamlessly in a corporate environment (and not embarrass you), will make your life easier with a streamlined process (organized and professional), can manage the various personalities in your office, and does it all with an upbeat, empathetic, and warm personality; while still able to maintain control of the photoshoot.

3. Plan Ahead

Ask your photographer for their upcoming available dates or let the photographer know what date you need them for. Early planning ensures that team members have sufficient time to prepare and adjust their schedules if necessary.

Identify an area where the photographer will set up and conduct the headshots. If in a conference room, reserve it now. Typically a photographer would need a 10’ x 12’ area of clear floor space and at least 9’ ceiling height. That may mean a conference room where the table can be pushed aside, a lobby, an open area where there is minimal traffic. If you don’t have this amount of space, let the photographer know what is possible so they can work out options.

Pro Tip: With larger teams, not everyone will be able to make the scheduled date and time. Consider offering headshots over multiple days so that more people make it within their busy schedules.

Pro Tip: Ask your photographer what they offer for those who aren’t able to make it to the photoshoot and for new employees.

Pro Tip: Once the date and time are nailed down, you’ll want to schedule a timeslot for each person. This is a time-consuming process for you! Ask your photographer if they offer a private online scheduling calendar that you can forward to the team to book their own timeslots. You’ll want everyone to also receive reminders, have preparation tips included, and allow them to reschedule themselves as needed.

4. Communicate Clearly

Brief your team on the purpose of the headshots, the desired look and feel, and any specific requirements. Information will help them feel more comfortable with what to expect.

If you have company brand guidelines, share those with your photographer well in advance.

Glynns Thomas Photographer with a team of assistants at an on location headshot session in Roseville, CA

5. Wardrobe and Styling

Encourage team members to select professional attire that reflects your company's image. If you don’t already have company guidelines on what to wear, your photographer will and can offer those to you to share with the team.

6. Day of the Photoshoot

Typically this is a day of excitement. Everyone is dressed up and looking their best. There are some nerves but mostly anticipation. As each person finishes their session, they’ll share their great experience and it will encourage others to show up.

Pro Tip: Use this day for a company-wide meeting because most people are in attendance. Consider bringing in lunch and having some fun bonding time with the team.

7. Review and Select Images

A photographer may provide on-site choosing of favorite portraits to be retouched or an online gallery. This can be given to a point person to choose for everyone or everyone can be given the option to choose themselves.

Pro Tip: Letting everyone choose their own favorite portrait makes for happier employees. Some photographers offer on-site choosing at each person’s session and to discuss retouching requests. Or ask if the photographer offers private individual online galleries that are emailed to each person so they can choose their favorite. This is a great time saver for you to have the photographer manage this process.

8. Distribute the Headshots

Once the portraits are done, you’ll need to add them to your marketing repository and distribute to everyone.

Pro Tip: Ask your photographer if they can distribute all the headshots to each individual for you in addition to sending you all of them for your marketing needs.

Pro Tip: Ask the photographer to rename each digital file with each person’s last name and first name. This makes your job much easier when you need to find a specific headshot. If it’s helpful, you can also ask them to include office locations or any other important identifying information.

Headshots of banking executives in the greater sacramento area near me by Glynns Thomas

9. Showcase Your Team

Once you have the final headshots, it's time to showcase them! Update your company's website, LinkedIn profiles, and any other relevant platforms. Consider creating a dedicated section on your website or a team spotlight blog post to introduce your audience to the faces behind your brand.

In conclusion, getting headshots for your team is a valuable investment in your company's branding and professional image. By following these steps and working closely with a talented and competent photographer that specializes in headshots, you'll ensure that each team member shines through authentically and confidently. Ready to capture the essence of your team's success? Contact us today for a quote.


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