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Medical Residency Headshots for MyERAS

In the competitive realm of medical residency, a powerful headshot is your introduction to the healthcare community. I am a seasoned headshot photographer with experience in creating headshots for MyERAS requirements. I specialize in crafting portraits that seamlessly align with both professional standards and electronic application specifications.

Why It Matters:

Your headshot isn't just an image; it's a projection of your commitment and capability as a future healthcare professional. A compelling headshot can make a lasting impression in a highly competitive field.


I bring expertise in ensuring that your headshot not only reflects your professionalism but also complies with the standards mandated by MyERAS.

Competence and Confidence:

Recognizing the pressures of medical studies, my sessions prioritize creating a comfortable environment to capture your natural smiles. I also coach people on poses and expressions that communicate confidence and competence.

Ready to Capture Success? Schedule Your MyERAS-Compliant Headshot Today:


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