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How to Update your 2024 Copyright in Lightroom Classic

Here are the simple steps to update your copyright to 2024 in Lightroom Classic on a computer.

Step 1: Open Lightroom Classic

Step 2: Go to the Library Module

Step 3: Access the Metadata Panel

On the right side of the Library module, about halfway down, you'll find the Metadata panel. Expand this by clicking on the triangle.

Step 4: Click on Preset

  1. Select Edit Presets

  2. Scroll down to the section labeled "IPTC Copyright." Make sure the box to the left is checked. 

Step 5: Update Copyright

  1. Copyright field: add © 2024 [insert your name or business name]

    1. On a Mac select Command+G to create the copyright symbol

  2. Copyright Status field: select Copyrighted

  3. Rights Usage Terms: type All Rights Reserved

    1. This means only people you permit to may use your images

  4. Copyright Info URL: type in your website

Step 6: Click Done

It will ask if you want to save it as a new preset. Select Save As and title it 2024 copyright

Now be sure to update your copyright year on your camera's metadata. You're all set and ready for a great year!


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