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Headshot of an Architectural Photographer in Sacramento

It's an honor when another photographer asks you to photograph them. It can also be intimidating, especially when it's a photographer as accomplished as Chip Allen Photography.

But what a nice guy Chip is. We could have chatted for hours from photography, to running a business (integrity and service are core values for both of us), to life as parents and more.

Chip is an architectural photographer working with some of of the biggest names in the AEC industry. Check out his work here:

And I'm intrigued by his travel and fine art work as well. We have so much more to discuss Chip!

Headshot of an Architectural Photographer in Sacramento

At any rate, I was honored to photograph Chip and delighted to have met him. Chip, I found the book you suggested at the library. I thought you'd appreciate the quote here.

What gets me up every morning for this business is the great people that I get to meet. How fortunate I am!


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