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Environmental Headshots of Architects in Sacramento

Presenting some of the newest team members at HGA Architects and Engineers in Sacramento (and a few long-timers)!

I've been working with HGA for a few years now. It's always an honor to return multiple times to my customers. I work just as hard as the first time to make sure I give my best.

The Sacramento offices of HGA are gorgeous and cool. Everywhere I turn there is an interesting nook or impressive grand area. We identified three areas where people could have their portraits taken. These are based on their corporate look across all their offices. They provide me with their photography brand guidelines and I use my training and skills to match.

Thank you Renee Rose-Andrade for entrusting me with your team and your brand.

Interested in having a hard-working headshot photographer create some magic for your team? Contact me and let's chat!


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