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Diligent Hardworking MBA Project Manager with Leadership Experience Headshot Photography

Aneeka Reghunathan, MBA is seeking a Project Management job.

If you know of something in the #AEC or #Tech industries, please reach out to her!

I had the great pleasure of photographing her last week. I can tell she is smart, quick, thoughtful, and diligent.

Here is more about her:

Aneeka Reghunathan is an experienced MBA-Graduate Project Manager. She has a track record of successfully leading teams of over 7+ members.

One of her notable accomplishments is organizing a fundraising event that attracted more than 200 attendees. This event not only raised funds but also raised awareness and empathy for women fighting cancer, highlighting Aneeka's ability to make a positive impact through her projects.

She is dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest project management techniques and methodologies by continuously learning from a PMP-certified Project Manager.

Additionally, Aneeka's engineering background gives her a unique set of skills, including data analysis and financial expertise. This versatility allows her to excel in various project settings, working well with both technical and non-technical professionals.

In summary, Aneeka is a Project Manager who gets things done. She's great at planning, leading, and analyzing, and strives to deliver successful projects that go beyond what you can expect. Working with her can make your company's ideas a reality.

Headshot of a beautiful young woman who recently graduated from college and seeking a project management position
Headshot for Resume and LinkedIn Profile Photo


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