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Digitally Composited Headshot Photography for Evolving Sacramento Businesses

Cali Homes, a home real estate company led by Callie Mirsky, continues to evolve to better serve their customers. Because I took portraits of each of these people separately, I can add people in, move people out, and rearrange the team as they advance.

Additional benefits of digitally compiled group portraits are that I can photograph new team members without you needing to schedule everyone back together for a photoshoot, I can better edit each person to slim bodies and smooth clothing, and we can add different digital backgrounds to serve your various needs.

Cali Homes serve El Dorado Hills, Shingle Springs, Cameron Park, Rescue, Placerville, and more. Find more about them here: Cali Homes - #1 Real Estate Company in Shingle Springs, CA (

Could digitally compiled group portraits be a great choice for your team? Learn more here: Sacramento Professional Headshots Photography | El Dorado Hills, Folsom (

Headshot portraits of real estate agents for a firm and a group portrait that is digitally compiled


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