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7 Tips For The Perfect Headshot

Are you on the job hunt, or hoping for a promotion, or wanting to attract new clients? If you’ve polished your resume and updated your LinkedIn profile, you’re off to a great start. But there’s one thing you might be missing: a PROFESSIONAL headshot.

Headshots of men and women in Sacramento, CA

This is not an area to skimp on! It’s common for others to look at your headshot on your resume or LinkedIn profile before reading anything about your experience or skills. That may seem unfair, but many people are very visual, and a headshot is a quick way to judge a person’s professionalism. Is the image a selfie, something you've obviously cut out from a wedding or vacation photograph, or a professional headshot? Do you still look the same or is the look outdated? Do you look approachable and capable? These are questions people will ask themselves in the first few seconds of looking at your profile.

That’s why it’s so important to have an updated, professional headshot to help give you the edge. One client of mine was getting tepid responses from jobs he had been applying for. After we created a couple of professional headshots for him, within four days, he was getting 100% response to opportunities. You want to stand out from the competition.

Here are seven tips to help you get the photo that will help you score your dream job or your next dream client.

  1. Hire a professional: A smartphone photo or an image snapped by a friend just can’t compare to a professional headshot. The quality of your headshot portrait should reflect the value of the job you are seeking. A senior managerial applicant isn’t doing themselves any favors with an amateur headshot.

  2. Be open to possibility: You hire a professional photographer for their experience and skill in lighting, framing, and capturing your headshots. They know the best backgrounds, whether in the studio or outside, and how to pose you to get the best possible image. Their suggestions may seem odd at times or feel unusual to you, but trust them because they know exactly what they’re doing, and you’re sure to be thrilled with the results!

  3. Keep your look simple: You want to look your best in your headshots, so it can be tempting to put on extra makeup and put more effort into your hair. Just be sure not to overdo it. After all, you want to look like yourself. My recommendation is to dress and do your hair and makeup as you would to go to a job interview or to visit your best client.

  4. Avoid wild patterns and colors: In the same way you want to keep your hair and makeup simple, your outfit should be understated as well. Choose solid colors and stay away from loud patterns that will distract from your face. You want to look professional and intelligent. Keep your clothing choices timeless to ensure you can keep using your headshots for the next couple of years.

  5. Practice your smile: You may feel ridiculous trying out different expressions in the mirror, but doing so can help you loosen up before your headshot session. Try big smiles and small ones, with teeth and without. But don’t stress about it as I’ll coach you through different expressions for each shot. The most important thing is your natural smiles and we’ll spend a little time relaxing and even have a good time!

  6. Clean those glasses: This can have a huge effect on your images. If you wear glasses, be sure to clean them right before your session to get rid of any dust or fingerprints that may show up in your photos.

  7. Just relax: Easier said than done, I know. But if you get nervous in front of the camera, you’re not alone! Almost everyone I photograph doesn't feel comfortable having their photo taken. The good thing is, I don’t bite! Just take a deep breath, smile, and try to relax. I’ll do my best to make you feel comfortable and help you get the headshots you want.

I serve Northern California for professional headshots for individuals, offices, and teams. I bring my years of experience, training, and knowledge about lighting and posing to your session and will make sure you get the best possible portraits to help you in your job search or furthering your career. Professional headshots are an investment, but they’re well worth it.

Learn more and book your appointment online here:


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