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New Studio Feature: Online Scheduling for Teams

Here's a new Studio Feature at Glynns Thomas Portraits!

Part of your team is at the office, part is working from home, and everyone is in a meeting. You don't have time to track everyone down and schedule them for their headshot.

I've got you covered with private online booking calendars just for your office. We'll designate a day, or several days, that your team can book their own time slot and even reschedule if necessary without you having to do the work.

This can be especially helpful if your team is coming to my studio -- that is partially open to the outdoors and nothing needs to be touched -- a better way to get professional headshots. And we're just 1 minute off of highway 50.

Call me to discuss whether now is the right time for your office, to get outstanding headshots. (916) 294-7926

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