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Professional Photography for Social Media Marketing

I had the great pleasure to work with Corey Walker, The Marketing Specialist and author of Instagram for Dummies and Instagram for Business For Dummies.

She creates social media, online advertising, and email strategies and she executes marketing campaigns for businesses.

Here's what she had to say about her experience with me:

"As a social media marketer and author, quality branding photos of my business are imperative. And yet, I was embarrassingly limping along using random photos of myself, stock photos, and creating graphic text-only posts. Being in the business I’m in, I know that having images of myself are always more attention-grabbing than generic stock photos or text. I longed to have my own set of “stock photos” at the ready featuring me instead of someone else’s hands or computer! I knew that my quality of work was higher than what my online image portrayed, yet even with the publication of two new books, my imagery remained stuck in my old ways. Unfortunately, day to day operations of my business and motherhood didn’t give me a lot of time to search for a talented photographer that specialized in branding photos. Then I got an email from Glynns Thomas asking if we could meet for coffee.

I suggested we meet at my favorite coffee spot in town, Lucille’s. We immediately hit it off because I think Glynns could probably chat with just about anyone and make them feel at ease. After talking about her background (which includes photography and an extensive career in marketing), plus discussing her branding ideas for my business, I knew I had found THE photographer I needed to capture my business’ brand.

After discussing the available package options, she gave me guidance about what to wear, and tasked me with homework finding images with poses that we might want to try. A quick search on Pinterest and Instagram gave me several ideas about the direction of the shoot. I also knew that I wanted to have my pictures taken at Lucille’s since that is where I conducted most of my in-person meetings. While I did my homework, Glynns also brainstormed on her end to put together her thoughts for a shoot list.

We met again a week later and compared lists. We were definitely on the same page about how the shoot should look, wardrobe choices, time of day, props and poses. We even saved a few of the same Pinterest photos!

Finally, the day of the shoot arrived. We had gotten permission to conduct our photoshoot at Lucille’s, and we had a beautiful sunny day with lots of warm, natural light. Glynns set up her camera, and we pulled out the shoot list to get started. Glynns offered incredible direction, and let me know the best poses and angles to get the most flattering photos. We played with different light settings, props, and areas of the restaurant to mix up the photo backgrounds.

After about 90 minutes, our photoshoot was in the can! I was so excited to finally have all the shots I wanted, and couldn’t wait to see the raw images. Glynns worked fast! Within two days, she weeded through all the definite “no” photos (eyes closed, mid-sentence mouth) and sent a link to 100 or so images to select from on my own.

I sent her back my selections, and after just a few more days, she sent me my gorgeous re- touched images. They are AMAZING! I truly can’t wait to use all of them on my social media posts and website. My first post of my headshot received more likes on Instagram than I have received in months.

If you are on the fence about spending money on a branding session, just do it, and do it with Glynns! The money you spend will come back to you in the form of new clients that are attracted to the professionalism of the images you post."

Thank you Corey for such a wonderful write up! Your kind words mean so much as I love what I do and I love what we were able to create for you!

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