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5 Reasons why stock photography isn't your best choice for marketing your services.

I'm not against using stock photography ocassionally but I see some people using it all the time and it concerns me. Why? 1. Using a broad range of photographs from different photographers and graphic artists doesn't reinforce your brand. It's an inconsistent look. 2. You aren't showing yourself and are missing out on the chance to familiarize people to YOU. Because people don't buy companies, they buy the people who own or work for those companies. 3. Stock photography can look, well, like stock photography. It can look so polished with the stand in actors that it's less authentic. 4. It doesn't show the real people who buy from you or experience your work. Buyers wants to know that other people like them have purchased from you. Or that someone they know have worked with you. For example, if you're a coach, show you and your client working side by side or via video chat. If you sell a product, show a customer using your product. 5. You're spending too much time looking through stock photography to find the "right" ones. Or hiding behind text graphics. Your own library of custom stock photography that show you and your company, shows what you do, reinforces why you do it, and why it should matter to your potential buyers is powerful marketing. And much more compelling than generic stock photography. Intrigued? Wondering if it's right for your business? Curious about costs? Let's chat in a complimentary, no-obligation meeting. Book here: #personalbranding #socialmediamarketing #photographer #eldoradohills #folsom #sacramento #roseville

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