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Personal Brand Journey

Are you growing a personal brand online? Who are your favorite coaches to follow for inspiration and ideas? Jamie Swanson has been a great teacher for me. Check out her podcasts on personal branding here:

Use your headshot in a swanky cool email signature. Here are some tips on how to create yours.

This realtor gets what great marketing is all about. This is Cathy Youngling, the Real Marin Gal. She knows that what she does is not about her but about what she does for her clients. These are some of the people she has helped find their homes and I can tell you they love what she has done for them as they gushed about her! It was no suprise to me as Cathy has helped us buy and sell two homes in Marin as well. It would be hard to find someone who knows Marin and the Marin home marketplace better than Cathy. If you're ever looking, definitely give her a call.

If you want to up-level your brand online, give me a call. I utilize my 30 years of marketing experience to help you portray a look that will bring you not just clients, but the right ones.

Have you been wanting to use online influencers to market your business? Check out this list of sites where you can search for influencers that reach your audience.

Pamela Connor is a functional nutritionist and owns Connors Wellness Clinic in Roseville. She was looking to update her website and use actual images about her business instead of stock photgraphy. And she wanted a selection of images to use on social media to better tell the story of what she offers to attract her best potential clients. Here's a sampling of some of the images we took that day in her office and home. If you are suffering from issues and are interested in finding out what the root cause is and begin a healing plan, contact Pamela and her team. #personalbranding #marketing #photographer #eldoradohills #folsom #sacramento #roseville

If you're a small business that is active on social media, you are essentially an influencer. You are trying to build a base of fans that see you as an expert in your field. Have you ever thought of yourself as an influencer? Maybe it's time. Here's an article with some advice on how to be an influencer: #influencer #personalbranding #marketing #photographer #eldoradohills #folsom #sacramento #roseville #marin

From The Personal MBA "On their own, ideas are largely worthless—discovering whether or not you can actually make them work in reality is the most important job of any entrepreneur." Take action. Take a leap. Experiment. Discover. Studio headshot appointments available here: #headshots #folsom #sacramento #roseville #eldoradohills #granitebay #insuranceagent

Have you seen those images on social media of that guy who always seems to be in a new country, meeting the locals and scaling mountains? What about the woman at the coffee shop with a laptop? Who are those people? How do they have time to create those? I can't tell if she selling clothing or her coaching services. And, I'm not the least bit envious of all that traveling ;-) Does this resonate with you? Personal branding is gaining in popularity and we'll continue to see all sorts of permeatations of what it means to different people. Personally I believe the goal is to grab attention, build an audience, and show that you're a trustworthy expert in your field. Add on that you are relatable and likeable and you've "put the cherry on top". That still means many pictures of YOU but great marketing isn't about you, it's about communicating what you do FOR OTHERS. That's where I believe the power of personal branding photography lies; in understanding how to depict this. What do you want your target audience to know that you can do for them? How can they benefit from your talents? Share below and include your website. #personalbranding #socialmediamarketing #sacramento #folsom #granitebay #roseville #eldoradohills

The competitor to be 😱is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business 💪🏼all the time. —Henry Ford Be the competitor in your field that everyone 😱. Move ⬆️ with your own branding 📸 for your website and social media marketing. ☞ (Photo is of a mural at Coit Tower in San Francisco of our history of agriculture and working hard) #personalbranding #socialmediamarketing #photographer #eldoradohills #folsom #sacramento #roseville #WorldEmojiDay

Here I am with a customer fine-tuning a stunning, in-studio portrait. During her appointment, we first created some portraits outside the studio with greenery and sunshine and then moved indoors for a completely different look. I'm working on the final edits that I'll share with you later!

Ready to elevate your business portrait with something that better matches the professionalism at which you operate? Check out your options:

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