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Love Your Pet Day!

Today is Love Your Pet Day! Do you have a pet you love? This is our puppy Bentley who is 7 months old. We adopted him from Guatemala and introduced him to snow last weekend. He loved it! And this is our kitten Mei who is 5 months old and is very ferocious ;-) Share pics of your pet below!

Business portrait of a beautiful woman in a studio with red lipstick and a black leather jacket on a black background near Sacramento

Did you know that laughter lowers your blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and increases muscle flexion? How about that today is National Let’s Laugh day?

They do say laughter is the best medicine so make sure you take yours today!

What are the different things I could be photographed doing to promote my small business?

Today is World Storytelling Day. Storytelling is a great way to grab attention and pull people in. So is using photographs. Put the two together and you've got a powerful way to create interest and desire.

Utilizing my 30-year background in marketing, I create concept boards for my branding clients. We dive into what your business is about, what you do and what your customers love about you. From there a shoot list and concept board are drawn up and discussed. This makes our shoot not only efficient but your images will be highly effective.

Learn more about how I can help your business excel online:

Today Is Employee Appreciation Day! Employee Appreciation Day was created so bosses can thank their employees for their hard work and effort. Really good people are hard to find. Do you have plans to appreciate your employees?

Photo of a chef in Folsom CA to be used in marketing

Today is Mom and Pop Business Owner Day! Who's your favorite "mom and pop" small business shop? This is Michael Liu who owns Hisui Sushi and was voted Top Chef in Folsom and El Dorado Hills

How to take a great DIY Headshot

Are people just not getting how awesome you are? Maybe it's time to show them what they are missing.

Hiring a professional to take your portrait is a waste of money with all the new camera technology that smart phones have these days. So don't be a chump and pay someone to do it.

Follow these steps to create your own killer headshot.

1. Hold your cell phone really high up above your head and look up. This makes your eyes look really big and removes double chins. Don't worry that your forehead has doubled in size as well. I know you're already thinking...this chick knows what she's talking about!

2. Include props! How will people know you have an amazing collection of Beanie Babies from the 1990s if you don't include them in the background?

3. Don't smile! All anyone is going to notice are your wrinkles. And people who smile aren't serious professionals. Duh!

4. Forget the hassle and just look through your camera for that group picture of you at a wedding and just cut the other people out. No one will know!

5. Hang up a green screen and take a picture of yourself with sunglasses on and holding a cocktail. Then put a photo of the beach behind you. Because if you're at the beach, you must be very rich and successful.

APRIL FOOLS! What do you expect from a headshot photographer nerd? Have a great day.

Today is National Pet Day! Didn't we just have one of those? It seems like there are many of these celebrations. But why not? Our pets are too wonderful not to enjoy. Here's our Bently enjoying a creek and a gorgeous Spring hike. Amazing this is at the end of our master planned suburban street. Enjoy your pets and enjoy the Spring! Share any images of your pets too. #NationalPetDay

headshot of a beautiful woman on a white background

Today is National Administrative Professionals Day! Why not gift your admin with a professional business portrait? Boost his or her image professional image while also boosting their confidence. Call today to book. (916) 294-7926. #AdministrativeProfessionalsDay #headshots #eldoradohills #folsom #sacramento #roseville #headshotphotographers

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