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What's Your Favorite Type of Business Portraits?

I photographed this senior executive over the weekend. I'm sorting through the 157 that I took! Which one of these four do you like best for looking like a capable leader who is going places?

Best photographs of a senior executive

Portrait of a financial executive near Sacramento

Learn more about corporate business portraits.

Headshot of a female executive in health care

Happy Monday and happy spring! Outdoor headshots are in full swing now. Outdoor headshots bring an extra boost of friendliness, approachability, and joy to headshots. If you work with the public, especially with families and children, I highly recommend an outdoor headshot. Click here to book a time to tell me what you would love for your headshot:

Outdoor portrait of a senior executive at a bank

This is your reminder that spring is the perfect time for updating your headshot!

Have you changed jobs recently? Were you promoted? Did you change your hair color? Then odds are you are due for a new headshot!

Outdoor business portrait of a woman who owns a small business near Sacramento

I'm pleased to announce the recent launch of Simply Rheumatoid from one of my lovely customers! I photographed Lidia Page a little while back while she was finising up the website of her business venture: Simply Rheumatoid. Lidia seeks to help people around the world manage and live a good life despite having this disease. In her own search, she found no one comprehensive resource. Hence @simplyrheumatoid1 was born. Lidia lives and gives with heart. If you know of anyone with this disease, please pass this website on to them.

Studio business portrait of a beautiful female realtor near El Dorado Hills

This is Victoria Tarnutzer and what a breath of fresh air she is! Experienced and capable yet so much fun you'll just want to hang out with her for hours. She serves the Northern and Central Valleys of California. Check out the gorgeous home in Roseville she has listed!

Headshot of a female architect in Sacramento with her office blurred in the background

Another beautiful indoor headshot for HGA Architects. If you were to update your headshot, would you choose an indoor or outdoor backdrop?

Professional studio portrait of a female woman realtor sitting on a stool near Sacramento

I introduced to you last week Fawn Jackson. Well here she is again in another portrait we took to represent her real estate style Her office is located in our Town Center and you can learn more about her at and on Facebook at @TheFJackson

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