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What Does Doris Day Have to Do With Professional Business Portraits?

She offers great advice! What does your profile picture say about you? What do you think it "says"?

Time to update yours? Book now:

What does Doris Day have to do with professional headshots?

Introducing Miss Lincoln 2019. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting this young lady. College student, working and doing various community events as Miss Lincoln. Keep an eye out for her in the area. This woman is going places!

I could have photographed Miss Lincoln all day. Full of joy and obviously gorgeous!

I was going for a different look here for Miss Lincoln. Which do you prefer? Color or black and white?

I photographed the Wells Fargo Advisors team last year for individual headshots. When they called me recently for a group shot, the rains were still heavy so we planned on a studio portrait. Luckily the day they came the sun had finally broken through. We did the studio shots but the outdoor one really stood out and goes well with their outdoor headshots. Great group of people worth getting to know, especially if you're looking for guidance in wealth management. Call them at (916) 939-4400.

NOW is the time to book your outdoor, stand-out headshot before it gets too hot.

Click here for packages and pricing:

Whether you are an actor, a business owner, or someone looking to update your social media profile, my goal is to give you photos that specifically showcase who you are and what your brand has to offer!

Spring has Sprung and headshot season is upon us! If you want an outdoor headshot, right now is the time to book before it gets too warm.

Click here for packages and pricing:

I am still obsessing over this glamorous session of Miss Lincoln. She was such a beautiful person to work with!

This weather couldn’t be any better for outdoor headshots!! What is your favorite part about spring?

Three reasons why you should update your headshot -- even if you’re not job hunting.

1. To look like you "still got it". If your headshot is more than 5 years old it doesn't represent you anymore and it can look like your expertise and knowledge has aged as well.

2. Your current profile picture is not a professional headshot. You may love how you look in that picture taken at a wedding or on vacation but it does not say that you operate at a professional level.

3. It doesn't represent the best of you. Your most important asset in business is the relationships you have built, and many business relationships start online. Time to ditch that "deer caught in the headlight", half smile, too dark and grainy look.

An investment in a professional photographer that specializes in headshots ranges from about $300-$800. The best part of it? The results are a surprising confidence boost.

Learn more and book your appointment here:

I am so pleased to introduce to you, Jennifer Lee. Jennifer is being awarded a Live Your Dream scholarship from the Cameron Park/El Dorado Hills chapter of Soroptimist this month.

This award is given to women who are the primary financial supporters for their family so they can continue to get the education, skills and employment prospects they strive for. Most of the women who receive these awards have overcome enormous obstacles in their lives.

Not only has Jennifer won the award at the local level but regional as well.

It was an honor to get to know her and to photograph her. Please join me in congratulating her on how far she has come and wish her well in wherever she goes because this young lady is going places!

You can learn more about the scholarship award and this worthy organization here:

I recently did some indoor office headshots and cannot decide which one looks the best! What’s your favorite among these? Which jacket and which background?

First impressions nowadays are done often times online. Make sure yours stands out and gets you noticed in the right way!

Book Your Session Today:

What is the most used portrait of you ever? I'll bet it's your social media profile picture. It's on your various social media platforms and it might be on your email signature or company intranet site. If you're a business owner it may be on your website, marketing materials, used for speaking engagements, and more.

If it's time for a new headshot, give me a call! (916) 294-7926.

Meet Sherry Mack of HGA Architects, she’s a part of a great team here in Sacramento!

Meet Denis Stroup, Principal, of the HGA Architects in Sacramento. I've had the pleasure to photograph a few members of this team and enjoy each different background! Which one has been your favorite?

This is the gorgeous Fawn Jackson. One of her many talents is that she is a #microblading artist here in #eldoradohills Looking for perfect, no fuss eyebrows? Give her a call at (832) 648-9729

Introducing Rachel Williams of RM Williams Insurance. Her business is a division of Farmers Insurance. She is truly a lovely gal who is involved in the community and very knowledgable about insurance. Check out her ongoing podcasts on Facebook: @rmwilliamsins. She serves the greater Sacramento area.

Here's Rachel Williams the Insurance Diva again. Rachel was looking for a small collection of business portraits for different uses. I loved how they turned out. Have you checked out her ongoing podcasts on Facebook yet? Find here at @rmwilliamsins.

When the world is at your feet and you have so many different directions you can go to from here.... Studio headshot appointments available here:

You've probably noticed in industries other than your own, or maybe even in your own, that some corporate leaders have taken to social media to become industry influencers. If you were to do so, what would you use your platform for? To raise up the industry overall? To raise up those just starting out? To contribute to your company brand? To share innovative thinking? Regardless, done well, you'll be strengthening your own brand within your organization and you can take that with you wherever you go. Book your personal branding photography consultation here:

I love outdoor headshots! You're never quite sure what colors will come up in the background but it never disappoints. The blurry background can be a bit artistic while the outdoors lends a look of openess, friendliness and positivity. This headshot was created as part of her branding shoot. Yes of course headshots are included! Interested in your own branding shoot? Schedule a meeting to discuss:

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