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February is international self-esteem month.

According to, "Confident employees are more engaged, they approach work more autonomously, they have greater self-reliance, and they're better problem solvers.". While 71% of managers says thier employees are competent, only 18% of employees know thier managers believe in them.

That sounds like a great reason for managers to want to boost their team's self-esteem.

There are several ways to go about this, and a great team leader will tackle them all, but have you ever considered how a professional headshot can help your team as well?

A photographer skilled at bringing out their best not only gives your employees a boost in self-esteem but they are more willing to put themselves out there and connect with others. You get the benefit of a great performing team AND you get a team that looks professional and capable (that helps your career too!)

Book a time with me to learn more about headshots for teams:

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