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How Photography Can Help Your Business Grow | Steps 1 - 7

Part 1 of 7

Hey entrepreneurs…it’s a whole new year of opportunities! This will be an even bigger year for social media. What are your plans to "up your game"?

Social Media Content photography is about creating custom images that tell your audience who you are, what you offer, why they should love you…and converts them to buyers. While generic stock photography just can’t cut it when it comes to telling the story of you and your brand.

If you’ve ever looked at other entrepreneurs on social media and wished you had gorgeous images like them to post all year round, then let’s chat and you can decide if 2019 is your year to make a grand splash. Click here to learn more about personal and business branding photography

how can I use photography to help my business grow

Part 2 of 7

I’m currently reading, Small Is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered. After working in a Fortune 30 company promoting to small businesses, later quitting to be home with my kids and now having my own business, I’m certainly an advocate for small business. And there are so many good reasons why.

Do you believe that small is beautiful, or mighty, or powerful, or fulfilling? All the above? How do you communicate this to your customers? Could Social Media Content photography help you?

Interested in learning more? Go to: online marketing brand photography.

what photos are good to grow a business

Part 3 of 7

As a former marketing executive, few things irritate me more than bad advertising. And few things make my heart sing more than when a small, but mighty, business does it right. Because being "small" (and I define that as a business making $5mm or less) doesn’t mean doing less or doing it poorly. One of our greatest advantages is the ability to be closer to our audience. We’re not sitting in an "ivory tower", many departmental layers away from actually meeting a customer in person. We know our customers and our customers know us. But if you’re trying to reach more people, without millions of dollars for an advertising budget, how can you do that effectively? Stay tuned for the next post.

how to find high quality photos for my business

Part 4 of 7

If you’re a social media influencer or entrepreneur, you’re probably already on most, if not all, the social media platforms. You’ve been steadily building an audience. But you know it’s time to up your game another level. This is where brand photography comes in. Brand photography is creating professional, custom images that tell the story of who you are and what your business is about. It creates desire, provides visual information during the critical "consideration" phase of the Customer Decision Cycle, and motivates people to take the next step. It brings your customers CLOSER to YOU through images that create familiarity and emotional attachment. Have you ever struggled with people not getting what you do? You start to tell them but their eyes gloss over after a couple of sentences? Most people need visuals to help them understand, they need the information given in small bits over time and they need visuals that create an emotional pull or a story to draw them in to want to know more. Thinking that brand photography might be right for your business? Contact me to discuss: online marketing brand photography.

what images are best for describing what my business does?

Part 5 of 7

After your logo, brand colors, and website are done, branding photography is a great next step. Can you imagine a website without images? A social media platform without images? Brochures and other marketing materials? What about using snapshots from a smartphone or a well meaning friend that has a "nice" camera? What does that say about your business? Probably not what you are hoping to say.

I suspect you’ve come a long way in your business and that didn’t happen with small dreams and low standards. You’ve seen what professional marketing photographs have done for other businesses and that is what you wish for your business.

Maybe you’ve tried using generic stock photography but have found that

(1) it's hard to find the right image for what you want to say,

(2) it’s VERY time consuming to search through generic stock photography, and

(3) the look of the images are all over the place. There isn't a consistency to them and a level of professionalism you would like.

If so, then Branding Photography is worth learning more about. Learn more: online marketing brand photography.

how to know what the right images are to market my business?

Part 6 of 7

If you own a service business you might be thinking that brand photography wouldn't work for you, but that isn't the case at all!

Service businesses still need to build trust by showing visuals of who they are as well as showing you at work, interacting with others, your work place and more. Your "story" might also include charity work you do, your family, and what you do when you're not hard at work. All this builds upon your overall Brand Story.

We are an image obsessed society and it’s only becoming more so. Being able to grab attention, communicate within seconds, build familiarity, increase understanding, trust and value doesn’t have to be so difficult online. As a matter of fact it can be done gracefully, beautifully, and with impact and flair.

what is brand photography and is it worth it for my business

Part 7 of 7

If you’ve ever worked in a large company like I used to, you know what it’s like to enter a meeting full of people and not know who everyone is. Then later you discover that you did know them but only through faceless email. You weren’t able to recognize them.

There is a similarity when growing a business online. Since your followers and customers don’t see you in person every day, there is a disconnect in knowing you. But when they see images of you, and not just a profile picture, but images of you doing your work, creating, making things happen, interacting with others, and your "heart" behind it all, they make a connection and build an understanding.

Brand image photography is designed to do this. Rise above the rest. Stand out online. Be known and remembered and understood. Learn more: online marketing brand photography.

how to stand out from my competition?

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