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Women's Business Owners Are On the Rise...Significantly

According to, "From 2007-2018, the number of women-owned businesses surged by a whopping 58%/ Meanwhile, all businesses increased only 12%."

BUT... "...[women] struggle to scale to become larger and win more market share."

While they go on to interpret that there are barriers for credit for women (saying women are more likely to use credit cards to fund and men will use equity investors), I wonder if many of these women even try to obtain equity investors?

I wonder if it has more to do with lack of education/understanding about how credit can scale a business and/or attitudes about risk?

I certainly don't know enough myself about the subject but am always a proponent of more education and mentors. What do you think and know? How can women learn more about running successful businesses?

Where do you find your best information and mentors?

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