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How Does Your Team Stack Up on LinkedIn?

Have you ever looked at your team on LinkedIn? You can go to your company page on LinkedIn, then to the People section and then by Where they live (i.e., Sacramento).

How consistent are the headshots? How professional are they? Do some people have a profile picture of them on vacation, in their car, or possibly cut out from a wedding portrait? Unfortunately, this isn't that uncommon!

Prospective customers are looking at this section too on LinkedIn. They do their research on a company by looking not only at your website but also on LinkedIn to see the people who work there.

What message do you want to convey while they're looking at your team? Common messages are: professional, up-to-date and approachable. But I think just as important is to look like a TEAM. A consistent look provides that cohesiveness that say "we work well together and you can count on us". You look more like a professional, well-oiled machine, rather than a rag-tag team.

This can extend nationally and internationally across the country with your company but it may be fun to have differences by city or region. Just as long as there is something that ties those looks all together. Maybe a different colored backdrop but the same lighting technique across all offices. Or maybe the backdrop is each city's office (interior or exterior). Or the backdrop could be a well recognized icon in your city, like a bridge, downtown area, lake, beach or mountains. Regardless it should all relate to your overall company brand.

As a former advertising executive, I can help you design a look for your office in the Sacramento area or across all your offices. You'll find me highly collaborative.

We're also set up for physically-distanced headshots, read more about how we do it here:

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