Brand Photography
For Marketing and Showcasing Your Company Culture
Serving the Greater Sacramento and Bay Areas

Elevate Your Brand
Stand Out As An Industry Leader

Does your marketing communicate that your company operates at a high level of quality and excellence? 

Does it create a connection with prospects, and potential new hires, by showing your actual team, place of business, and what you do? 

Do you stand out against your competition, reinforce "why you", and inspire? 

Level up with high-quality photography

Photographer is fully vaccinated.


What is Brand Photography?

Visual Storytelling

Brand photography is "visual storytelling" that explains what your company does, who its people are, what your values are, why you over the competition, and strengthens your know, like, and trust factors. 

Drive Home Your Most Valued Points

In today's visually-obsessed world, using brand imagery on your website, in your proposals, your presentations, email newsletters, annual reports, print advertising, and social media will drive home your most valued points over and over again. And inspires new hires to want to work at your company.


Connect by using real images of your company rather than less trustworthy generic stock photography


How It Works



This is not a show-up and take pretty pictures experience!


We start with a strategy meeting where I'll lend my 30 years of advertising experience to propose your creative direction and shoot list for images that will resonate with your key audiences.



I'll provide you and your team with tips and suggestions on what to wear and how to prepare.

We'll determine what locations are best, who to include, and if any props should be included.



90 min, 3-hour, or 6-hour shoots where I bring an array of professional equipment to help put everything, and everybody, in the best light.

I'll guide everyone through posing and expression.



After the photoshoot, I'll edit and create digital files for your specifications.

From there you can begin incorporating your new custom stock images into all your marketing efforts.


Your Marketing Investment

Pricing begins at $1200


Contact us to discuss your project

(916) 294-7926

We are a third-party certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WBE and WOSB). Check with your company to see if there are extra advantages for working with businesses like ours.


 Hi, I'm Glynns Thomas 


I'm a photographer that works with businesses to create images that elevate your value in the eyes of your customers.

Not sure what you need?  I’ve got you covered.

I have 30 years of world-class advertising experience, have mentored business owners and teach a class on marketing.

We’ll review your current marketing, identify your key brand messages and create an on-strategy shoot list. 

I set you up for success

With ready-to-go images, not only will you have more time to focus on what you’d rather be doing, but your marketing will be more effective than ever before.