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Roseville Financial Planning Firm Group Portrait

The convenience of digitally compiled group portraits has proven to be a great help for growing companies. I have been taking pictures of the Beacon Wealth Strategies/Raymond James group for some years now. Despite being a solid group of long-standing employees, the team continues to expand.

Recently, I photographed two new members and updated the portrait of one other person. By moving everyone around, I was able to situate each person in the best possible position without having to go back and forth trying to find a date and time that worked for everyone.

Additionally, when I can retouch each image individually, I can apply extra care to each portrait, ensuring that everyone looks their best. Additionally, everyone gets their own headshot, which is an added bonus.

If you think updated headshots and a digitally compiled group portrait would help your team put their best foot forward, feel free to contact me for more information.

Roseville Financial Firm Group Portrait
Roseville Financial Firm Group Portrait


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