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Professional Headshots | Financial Planneer

Meet Claudia Kane. Isn't she a beauty? She's a fun woman who I have known for a while. Actually we met a couple years back at an airport as we were headed to Sacramento. Claudia is a financial advisor with Beacon Wealth Strategies/Raymond James Financial Services in Roseville. She is also an avid rower and we keep meaning to meet up on Lake Natoma (one of my favorite paddle boarding areas). I'm so impressed that Claudia is the incoming 2020 president for the FPA (Financial Planner Association). Claudia needed a new headshot that would match the background of the FPA board. What you see here is the first stage in creating a match. Later I painted in another color onto the background to get closer to the rest of her peers. Personally I like this version the best so I'm showing you this one. If you need to match your organization's colors and style, I can help you.

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