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Is Personal Branding Narcissistic?

personal branding photography narcissistic

Have you seen those images on social media of that guy who always seems to be in a new country, meeting the locals and scaling mountains? What about the woman at the coffee shop with a laptop?

Who are those people? How do they have time to create those? I can't tell if she selling clothing or her coaching services. And, I'm not the least bit envious of all that traveling ;-)

Does this resonate with you?

Personal branding is gaining in popularity and we'll continue to see all sorts of permutations of what it means to different people.

Personally, I believe the goal is to grab attention, build an audience, and show that you're a trustworthy expert in your field. Add on that you are relatable and likable and you've "put the cherry on top".

That still means many pictures of YOU but great marketing isn't about you, it's about communicating what you do FOR OTHERS. That's where I believe the power of personal branding photography lies; in understanding how to depict this.

What do you want your target audience to know that you can do for them? How can they benefit from your talents?

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