Are These The Gaps in Your Marketing Plan?

Here's a way to identify them, fill them, and boost your overall effectiveness. #marketing #marketingplan #purchasedecisioncycle #sacramento #eldoradohills #folsom #granitebay

Copyrights and Your Images

Once in a while, I get the question of why I own the copyright of the images I take for others. Why shouldn't the person hiring me own the copyright? Read the answer here: #headshots #marketingphotography #commercialphotography #sacramento #folsom #eldoradohills #granitebay

Repeat Customers

It's such an honor when past customers return to have me update their business portrait. And I get the pleasure to catch up on their lives and hear about their new adventures. We are fortunate to have so many sincerely good people out here in the greater Sacramento area. #headshots #sacramento #folsom #eldoradohills #granitebay

People & Places - India

Here's something a bit out of the ordinary from me. I've always been naturally drawn to capturing people and places. In 2012 I moved to India and had some amazing opportunities to do just that. Come take a peek at the colorful life of India!

Do It Well

Meet Crystal Peterson. She is the Senior Market Development Manager at Halio North America. She brings impressive glass solutions to some of the best building construction in our area. It's a combination of the most advanced electrochromic glass (designed to save energy) and smart tinting capabilities (to control the indoor light). Crystal understands that if you're going to build something to be proud of, you need to do it with the best materials. It was a treat for me to have her in my studio, to get to know her truly lovely self, and to capture her elegance, strength, and intelligence! She has some great videos she's create about these technologies on her LinkedIn account. Check them out

Building Your Know, Like & Trust Factors

Since you're not able to meet with your clients in person as much these days, how can you use professional photography to communicate what you might demonstrate in person? Read about it here: #businesslifestylephotography #businesstoryphotography #brandingphotography #brandingphotographer #sacramento #folsom #eldoradohills #granitebay

New Studio Feature: Online Scheduling for Teams

Here's a new Studio Feature at Glynns Thomas Portraits! Part of your team is at the office, part is working from home, and everyone is in a meeting. You don't have time to track everyone down and schedule them for their headshot. I've got you covered with private online booking calendars just for your office. We'll designate a day, or several days, that your team can book their own time slot and even reschedule if necessary without you having to do the work. This can be especially helpful if your team is coming to my studio -- that is partially open to the outdoors and nothing needs to be touched -- a better way to get professional headshots. And we're just 1 minute off of highway 50. Call m

New Studio Feature

New Studio Feature at Glynns Thomas Portraits! Pssst, here's a secret. Almost every woman who has come to my studio recently hadn't had their hair colored since COVID-19 began. That didn't stop them from getting a great new business portrait. And I was able to cover their roots digitally. You don't have to be "ready for your close up" because I can get you picture perfect with my mad photoshop skills. I can cover your outgrown roots digitally. I've got your back! Learn more: Connect with me on LinkedIn: Sacramento Headshot and Marketing Photographer #headshots #sacramento #folsom #eldoradohills #granitebay

Huge Congratulations to My Customer

So happy for the kudos to my customer, Luke, and the usage of my headshot in the announcement!

So Proud of the Work my Clients Do!

I find the creativity of new architecture and construction fascinating! Check it out on LinkedIn here. #construction #covidresponse #healthcarearchitecture

Getting Your Company to Approve New Headshots

If you're reading this, likely you are the marketing director for your office. And you already know how beneficial it would be to get the team new headshots. But you're struggling with how to convince management to approve the expenditure. Here are some of the arguments and tactics I've given marketing managers that have helped them get the approval they needed. 1. Giving everyone an updated and consistent headshot makes our team look like a team. It's also beneficial to see the consistency on LinkedIn when a prospect is checking your team there. (see my previous blog here about the importance of a consistent looking team on LinkedIn). 2. So much business is done online (and even more so in

Professional Headshots That are a Cut Above

Not your typical 10 minute headshot. Not your typical, minimal edits. Not your typical lackluster experience. I offer something more. I understand that your headshot matters. Maybe it's because it's your most used portrait of you ever as it's posted across the web. Or maybe because you want it to help you land that next great job or that next big promotion or client. Or maybe because you have standards that go beyond "the average Joe" and you want it to reflect the position you have reached in life. Glynns Thomas Headshots are a cut above for those that believe quality matters. For offices and individuals: Connect with me on LinkedIn: Sacramento Headsho

What to Wear for Your Professional Headshot

Are you considering getting a professional headshot done? Congratulations! I know it's nerve wracking but also exciting. One of the first things I hear from people calling me is what should they wear? It's not only a common question but also a very good one. The answer is not the same for everyone. My suggestion is to start with thinking of your industry. Next think of a formal business situation you could be in for that industry. If you're looking for a new job it would be an interview. If you are looking for a promotion it would be what those who are at the level you are seeking would wear if they were going to an interview. And if you are looking to gain more customers, what would you wea

Professional Headshots for Resumes

2020 the year of big changes. May the second half of 2020 bring this gentleman nothing but great opportunities. Looking to make a change in your business life? You'll want an updated and professional headshot to help you get there. Book your session today: #headshots #sacramento #eldoradohills #folsom #granitebay #profilepic #resumeportrait

Women Leaders of California

Here are the final portraits from this woman's headshot session. We thought we'd prefer the images without her glasses but we ended up loving the ones with glasses as well! This woman is a clinical social worker providing improved training to staff members of our California Prison Health Care Services. How awesome is she?! #headshots #sacramento #eldoradohills #folsom #granitebay #womenleaders #changeforthebetter

How Does Your Team Stack Up on LinkedIn?

Have you ever looked at your team on LinkedIn? You can go to your company page on LinkedIn, then to the People section and then by Where they live (i.e., Sacramento). How consistent are the headshots? How professional are they? Do some people have a profile picture of them on vacation, in their car, or possibly cut out from a wedding portrait? Unfortunately, this isn't that uncommon! Prospective customers are looking at this section too on LinkedIn. They do their research on a company by looking not only at your website but also on LinkedIn to see the people who work there. What message do you want to convey while they're looking at your team? Common messages are: professional, up-to-date an

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