Personal Branding Photography!

Congratulations to this teen who will soon be having his coming of age party! I posted the proofs from his portrait session earlier and this is one of the final, edited portraits. Golfing is a passion of his! #headshots #sacramento #folsom #eldoradohills

Marketing Photography Event | Folsom

Here's the marketing photography event that's coming up on March 26. I submitted it to the Folsom Chamber event calendar. Not sure when or if it will go live but the details are here. Learn more at: Or call me to discuss (916) 294-7926 #personalbranding #marketing #commercialphotography #sacramento #folsom #eldoradohills #granitebay #roseville #rocklin

Headshots Are for Everyone!

Headshot portraits aren't just for business. This teen wanted a portrait for his coming of age party. I posted the proofs earlier this week and this is one of the final edited portraits. #headshots #sacramento #folsom #eldoradohills

Bratabandha | What an Honor!

What an honor to photograph this teen so he can have a portrait for his coming-of-age party. His ceremony is called Bratabandha and is considered the beginning of manhood which is practiced among Hindus. He was a good sport to let his mother and I create these portraits of him. They'll be lovely to have at the event but I know over the years they'll become treasured keepsakes. Best to you Arya! #headshots #eldoradohills #sacramento #folsom #bratabandha

So Stunning! | Professional Headshots

Here's the same courageous woman as yesterday in a different pose and outfit. She's stunning, no doubt! Next opening for individual headshots is Saturday, March 21. Or choose the Signature Collection for more scheduling options. #headshots #folsom #sacramento #roseville #eldoradohills #granitebay

Happy Clients, Happy Life!

When my clients are happy, then I am happy! Thank you Kara for your very kind words about the headshots I did for your company. The feeling is mutual! #headshots #folsom #sacramento #roseville #eldoradohills #granitebay

Next Opening for Portraits!

Some of you may remember that I photographed this lovely woman last year. Well we created a couple more portraits. Here is one of them. My next opening for individuals wanting just one headshot portrait is Saturday, March 21. Or choose my Signature Collection for three portraits and more scheduling options. #headshots #folsom #sacramento #roseville #eldoradohills #granitebay

Does Your company have "Company Dogs"?

Does your company have "company dogs"? Well ECOM Engineering, Inc. does! What an extra treat for me to photograph each of dogs and their owners. It may look like the gentleman in the middle has two portraits of the same dog but check out their collar. He has two! #headshots #folsom #sacramento #roseville #eldoradohills #granitebay

Group Shot | ECOM Engineering, Inc. team

Here's the ECOM Engineering, Inc. team again but in a group portrait. They are certainly an "in-demand" company as we fit in different headshots, a group shot, and tomorrow you'll see the company dog shots in between everyone's busy schedule. #headshots #folsom #sacramento #roseville #eldoradohills #granitebay

ECOM Engineering, Inc. Team!

Recently I had the great pleasure to photograph the team at ECOM Engineering, Inc. in Sacramento. What a down-to-earth, friendly team of highly talented people! These were taken in their conference room with my mobile studio set up. #headshots #folsom #sacramento #roseville #eldoradohills #granitebay

Special Event: Business Branding Photography

I'm excited to announce that I'm offering business photography sessions for one day at a special price! Have a professional photographer photograph you and create images you can use in marketing your business. Learn more here:

Warm, Welcoming and Friendly Team Headshots!

Here's the Livity Treatment Center team again. I took their portraits and overlayed them onto a digital background. This particular outdoor background matches well with their logo and the brand of the company, which is warm, welcoming, and friendly. The dark gray background we photographed on (check my post a couple of days back) can be used in other situations where something more elegant and standard is needed. I have many digital backgrounds to choose from: different outdoor settings, office buildings, office interiors, and more. I can help you create a look that is eye-catching and reinforces your brand. #headshots #folsom #sa

ECOM Engineers | Sacramento

Lucky me I got to meet the great team at ECOM in Sacramento last week. They are a group of engineers and a team of people who have stayed with the company for a long time. That says volumes about the working environment! These are their proofs. I'm waiting to hear back on their choices. At the bottom you can see the company dogs! #headshots #folsom #sacramento #roseville #eldoradohills #granitebay #engineers

Livity Treatment Center Headshots | El Dorado Hills

Presenting the final professional business portraits for Livity Treatment Center, a group of professional therapists, in El Dorado Hills. These were their favorite portraits and then my custom hand edits were applied to each person. We originally wanted outdoor headshots to show their approachability and friendliness, but the weather wasn't going to cooperate. Still they look very friendly! But we weren't going to stop there. I've given them some outdoor digital backdrop options to choose from and then I'll create a second version for each of them. Creating a studio headshot and then using digital backgrounds, allow for multiple options, expanding your versatility. Create different versions

Custom Company Images?

Here are some photos that I took at the 1 Million Cups Sacramento event at Granite City Coworking in Folsom, CA. Two speakers talked about their tech start ups and received input from the audience on how to improve their presentations. Impressive stuff no doubt! The tech start up scene is vibrant in the Sacramento Valley! Are you looking for custom images of your company culture? Go here: #techstartup #commercialphotographer #eldoradohills #folsom #sacramento #roseville

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