Local Business Owners | Dawn Modena

Meet Dawn Modena. She's the Vice President at SLE Construction, Inc. with 25 years of experience in construction project management and business management. She has managed an impressive list of projects for Lowe’s, Mervyn’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Wal Mart, Sephora, Dollar General, and CVS Pharmacy, as well as several multi-tenant lifestyle centers. She was looking for something more than a simple headshot. She wanted something outdoors that better reflected who she is while at the same time communicating her years of expertise, confidence, but still approachable. What attributes would you want to convey in your business portrait? Book today: https://www.glynnsthomas.com/headshots #headshots #f

5 Reasons why stock photography isn't your best choice for marketing your services.

I'm not against using stock photography ocassionally but I see some people using it all the time and it concerns me. Why? 1. Using a broad range of photographs from different photographers and graphic artists doesn't reinforce your brand. It's an inconsistent look. 2. You aren't showing yourself and are missing out on the chance to familiarize people to YOU. Because people don't buy companies, they buy the people who own or work for those companies. 3. Stock photography can look, well, like stock photography. It can look so polished with the stand in actors that it's less authentic. 4. It doesn't show the real people who buy from you or experience your work. Buyers wants to know that other p

Outdoor Branding Portraits

Sometimes reducing stress is best handled by being outdoors. But don't look at it as a task to check off your list. Approach it as an opportunity to breath and connect with yourself and nature as if you had all the time in the world. Need some help getting there? Contact Patti Neal, your local mindfulness coach: https://www.pattineal.com/coaching Interested in your own branding shoot? Schedule a meeting to discuss: http://bit.ly/brand-photo-consult #personalbranding #socialmediamarketing #photographer #eldoradohills #folsom #sacramento #roseville

Women's Business Owners Are On the Rise...Significantly

According to Wisebrand.co, "From 2007-2018, the number of women-owned businesses surged by a whopping 58%/ Meanwhile, all businesses increased only 12%." BUT... "...[women] struggle to scale to become larger and win more market share." While they go on to interpret that there are barriers for credit for women (saying women are more likely to use credit cards to fund and men will use equity investors), I wonder if many of these women even try to obtain equity investors? I wonder if it has more to do with lack of education/understanding about how credit can scale a business and/or attitudes about risk? I certainly don't know enough myself about the subject but am always a proponent of more edu

What Are Your Favorite Productivity Tools?

Here are mine but I'm always looking for more recommendations. Let me know what you can't live without. - Zoom: video chats from my desktop or phone but I love how easy it is to toggle back and forth in sharing our screens. - Dropbox: of course! Easy way to share large files. - Grammerly: I have the free version and it catches little mistakes as I fly through my typing. I am considering purchasing the paid version. - Acuity: Great for online bookings and sending automated information to clients. - Google Suite: I discovered this earlier this year and I don't know how I lived without it before. I can create docs and spreadsheets and slides but also make changes on my phone when I'm out and ab

Article on Marketing Your Business

I am so delighted and honored that Professional Photographer magazine interviewed me about marketing and now the article is live! ☺️ Professional Photographer Magazine has been around for over 100 years and is the official magazine of the Professional Photographers of America (which is the world's largest non-profit trade organization for professional photographers.) This is truly an honor! 📸 But I don't see this as merely a "feather in my cap". It's part of my work to help my customers and other photographers improve their marketing. I have been teaching my Small Business Marketing on a Shoestring class for 10 years now and have done two presentations on marketing with PPA. I also recently

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